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Bare Root Privet (3-5ft)

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Privet Hedging - Description

  • Ligustrum ovalifolium
  • Common Privet
  • Top Quality - Dense & Bushy Growth
  • Size of Plants: 3ft - 5ft
  • Type: Bare Root
  • Quantity: 1 Plant
  • Discounts on Orders of 25+ Plants
  • Spacing for Hedging: 30cm Apart

Privet Hedging - Characteristics

  • Happy in sun or shade
  • Frost hardy - but can loose foliage in tough winters
  • Fast growing plant
  • Benefits from prunning twice yearly

Privet Hedging - Uses

  • Forms a formal hegde if clipped twice each year
  • Can be grown as an informal hedge also
  • Great for a fast growing hegde
  • Great for privacy
  • Great as a backdrop for planting schemes & herbaceous borders

Privet Hedging - Planting Instructions

Sowing Time

  • Plant all bareroot hedging in dormant season - October to March
  • Avoid frosty conditions, where the ground is frozen

Trench Preparation

  • Dig trench approx. 2.5ft wide & 1.5ft deep
  • Add about 4" of well rotted  farm yard manure to base of the trench
  • Cover the manure with a layer of soil
  • This prevents the manure 'burning' the plant's roots

Positioning Plants

  • Space plants 50cm apart
  • Stagger / alternate plants to create a double row
  • This creates a wider & thicker hedge
  • Back fill the top soil
  • Be sure that the base of each plant is just below soil surface
  • Compact soil in well with your foot
  • Level off the soil around the plants

Handling the Plants

  • Watering is essential - Both before & after planting
  • When plants arrive, plant them straight away
  • If you are unable to plant straight away - then 'heel them in' temporarily
  • Keep plant's roots in their bag & avoid exposure to sun light
  • Take care not to damage roots, bark & buds

After Care

  • Watering is essential for plants to establish
    • Soak plants in basin of water prior to planting
    • Water after planting
    • If dry weather persists, water every second day
  • Weeding is also essential
    • A new hedge will need to be weeded at least 3 time over the growing season
    • Weed in March, June & September
    • We recommend using weed membrane & mulch to control weeds


  • For best results Privet should be prunnd twice each summer
  • Can be cut back hard each spring

Privet - Quick Facts

  • Privet is very tolerant of pollution making it great for town & city planting
  • Some privet plants are great for topiary including ligustrum delavayanum
  • To form a thick hedge - Cut the tops off the hedging plants as this encourages lateral growth
  • The word 'ovalifolium' means oval foliage

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