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Big Drippa Watering System


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Big Drippa Watering System - Description

  • Watering System for Greenhouses
  • Gravity Fed, Drip-Flow Watering System
  • Manufacturer: Garland
  • Contents Includes:
    • 5 Metres of Watering Tubes
    • 10.5 Litres Reservoir (2 Gallon)
    • 6 Adjustable Drippers
  • Easy Setup & Install
  • Provides Slow & Steady Watering for your Greenhouse Plants
  • Adjustable Dripper Nozzles Allow you Set Watering Rates to Suit your plants

Big Drippa Watering System - Uses

  • This free standing watering system can be used
    • To water your greenhouse or polytunnel plants
    • Provide continuous water to plants while you are away
    • 10.5 litres can water plants for 3 to 4 days
    • To water plants were there is no access to running water
    • 6 dripper nozzles allow you water 6 plants such as
      • Tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, strawberries & more

Big Drippa Watering System - Advantages

  • Makes efficient use of water
  • Can be set to water at different rates
    • Note: A very slow drip is most ideal for plants
  • Provides a constant & even water supply
  • Can add liquid fertilizer to water to provide food to plants
  • Will care for your plants while you are away
  • Can water up to 6 pots
  • It can be used year after year
  • Simple to install you need no special tools

Big Drippa Watering System - Advantages


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