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Growing Tulips in Ireland - How to Plant Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are available in many varieties and colours. They add a touch of class to any garden and with their vibrant colours, create an impressive display.

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When to Plant Tulips

Tulip Bulbs should be sown during the autumn months, before the first frosts set in.

Growing conditions for Tulips

You want to select an area that receives an ample amount of sunshine and is also well drained and not prone to water logging. If they get too much exposure to ater, the bulbs will rot. Sometimes it is a good idea to work the soil before hand, adding some peat moss or some pelleted fertilizer while doing so. This will help promote growth in your new tulips.

Tulips - Add vibrant colours to your garden

Tulips - Add vibrant colours to your garden

Planting Tulip Bulbs

You want to sow the Tulip Bulbs 4 or 5 inches into the soil. A bulb planter can be used for this task, see video below. The tulips should also be planted around 6 inches apart. Make sure that the flat of the blub is facing the bottom of the planting hole, with the pointy side up. Fill back in the soil and give them a light watering.

In spring, when blooming, keep an eye on your tulips for aphid damage. You can see this sometimes by streaking on the flower blooms. Remove any infected tulips to help avoid spreading it throughout your bed.

Tulips are beautiful as cut flowers in the home but if you are not going to cut them for display, you should cut them anyway as soon as they begin to fade as it will help promote growth for the next growing season.
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