Front Drive Island Bed Planting Plans

If first impressions are important, then a well designed & planted front garden & drive is important if you want your home looking the best it can. In this planting scheme we have come up with a simple but effective plan for the centre of a turning circle on large drives.

Front Drive Island Bed Planting Plans

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As can be seen from the plans, we have included a strip of lawn which edges the island bed. This strip of grass is optional & can be omitted if your island bed is smaller than the one shown (This bed is approx. 15m in width).

The perspective view of the plans shows how all the planting works together to create a cohesive & flowing theme. The aim when planting a flower bed is to ensure that you achieve a good balance of plant forms & habits to create high & low plants that combine & contrast harmoniously.

The main feature in this plan is of course the large Cherry Blossom. As with all planting & designing, the largest plants are positioned & planted first. This Cherry Blossom will add a blast of colorful pink blooms in Spring.

Next to be planted is the tall, narrow Thuja Occidentalis. While the Cherry Blossom is tall, it is also arching in habit while across from the Cherry Blossom, a tall, narrow & upright Thuja adds further form & height to the border.

Centred in the scheme is a large rounded Philadelphus shrub. These large plants give the bed structure whilst, being positioned between both taller trees offers a flowing line to the island bed. Hebes also give the bed year round structure whilst bridging the height gap between the taller Philadelphus & the lower planting towards the edge of the beds.

Colour comes in the form of Spirea, Alliums, Anemones & Heuchera. These smaller perennials were chosen for both colour of flower & foliage.

As ever, a few Phormiums can be added for their long, upright, spiky foliage adding further drama to the scheme.

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