How to Make & Position Slug Traps


Slug traps are an organic way to reduce slug numbers in the garden and save your brassica crops from constant attacks. Before getting started I should point out the slug traps only kill a small number of slugs and using them on their own wont be enough to solve your slug problem. Like anything in organic gardening, slug control requires a range and variety of solutions to work and they should be used in conjunction with other controls such as copper tapes, egg shells, etc.

To make your slug trap

  • Take an old milk carton
  • Cut it in half, keeping the bottom half
  • Cut a series of ‘battlements’ along the top of the bottom half
  • Fill the carton 1/3 full with old beer

Where to position the slug traps

  • To have any success you will need a lot
  • For 3 rows of cabbage you should have 9 slug traps
  • Position three at each end of the rows and three in the centre of the rows
  • When positioning you need to bury the bottom of the tray in the ground
  • Have deep enough so that only an inch is above ground level


  • Once in position you need to cover the top
  • Cover the slug slugs to prevent rain water getting in
  • Old slate tiles are ideal and look the best
  • Consider placing a small twig inside and pointing out one end
  • This is to allow ground beetles escape their beery deaths


You will need to empty your slug traps every 2 or 3 days

  • Not a nice job
  • You can place the dead remains on a bird table


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