How to Build a Pond

Ponds are a great way to increase life & activity in your garden. By adding the element of water you can encourage wild birds, dragonflies, hedgehogs, frogs, Newts & more into your garden.

How to Build a Garden Pond

When building a pond there are a number of things to consider.

Pond Location

Choose a sunny spot. Avoid shaded areas & best not to position under an overhanging tree. Also, always take into consideration what cables & pipes might be running underground before excavating.

Pond Depth

The base of the pond should vary in depth. The deepest area should be around 90cm / 3 feet in depth. Whilst around the edge you should create flat plains approx. 30cm / 1 foot deep. It is also advised to have a ramp leading into / out of the pond.

Pond's Overall Size

When working out the shape & size of your pond, you should make sure that the pond area is no less than 5m2, anything smaller & the pond will not sustain itself & will become stagnant.

Type of Liner

You can go for either a rigid or flexible liner. Flexible would be a better option as it will allow you create your own shape & allow you work to your own site conditions & levels. The most common types of liners would include PVC, butyl rubber, LDPE & heavy duty polythene.

Working out the amount of liner required

  • Length required: Length of Pond + Depth of Pond x2
  • Width required: Width of Pond + Depth of Pond x2

Maintaining Your Pond

  • Regular cleaning of your pond including removal of fallen leaves
  • Maintain surrounding plants to reduce leaf fall into pond
  • Sow oxygenating plants such as margin plants, water lilies & surface floaters
  • In Winter, remove or break up frozen ice sheets
  • Control algae growth by ensuring water is flowing / moving at all times
  • Routinely inspect pumps & filters
  • Maintain the right water level

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