How to Grow Beetroot


  • Sowing Instructions (Indoors)
  • How to Transplant
  • Sowing Instructions (Outdoors)
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest
  • Storage
  • Pests & Diseases

Sowing Instructions (Indoors)

  • Sowing time: You can sow under glass in late February into March
  • Sow in fibre pots to prevent disturbance to roots
  • Sow 3 seeds in the centre of each fibre pot
  • Soak soil before sowing seeds & cover seeds lightly with soil
  • Thin out seedlings once they emerge to one seedling per pot

How to Transplant

  • Harden off seedlings before planting out
  • Ensure weather is warm before planting out
  • If using fibre pots, plant the seedling with fibre pot in soil
  • If using seed trays take care not to disturb roots when transplanting
  • Spacing: Space seedlings 10cm apart
  • Position in full Sun
  • Soil: Beetroot likes light fertile, moist soil
  • Prefers ground that hasn't had organic matter recently added
  • Grow in soil with a pH of neutral to alkaline
  • Soil should be well dug and light to allow for good root development

Sowing Instructions (Outdoors)

  • Sowing Time: Sow from late March to July
  • Wait until frost has passed
  • Beetroot needs high soil temperature to germinate
  • The night before you sow your beetroot seed soak them in room temperature water for several hours
  • Sow directly in prepared drills
  • Prepare drills 1cm deep and 30cm between rows
  • Sow seeds thinly, 3-5cm apart
  • Thin once seedlings are large enough to handle

Crop Maintenance

  • Do not sow in the ground too early as this can lead to bolting
  • Avoid Irregular watering or poor weather as this can lead to bolting
  • Protect early sown crops with a garden cloche
  • Keep the rows weed free and well watered
  • A small scattering of growmore or fish, blood and bone can increase vegetable vigour


  • Beetroot 'greens' can be harvested early by removing with a knife
  • Beetroot can be harvested when 10cm in diameter
  • Pull every second plant, leaving room for others to develop into larger crops
  • Pull by hand or using a garden fork
  • Do not let beetroot get too big as this will reduce the flavor
  • Shake off the soil and twist the leaves off as opposed to cutting them off
  • This prevents bleeding


  • Can be placed in the fridge for short term storage
  • For longer term storage the beetroot must be kept in a cool, dark and dry area
  • Keep away from strong flavors or scents
  • Beetroot will keep for 6 months this way
  • Root can also be kept in the freezer once it has been boiled and sliced
  • Beetroot can also be pickled in vinegar for preservation

Pests & Diseases

  • Beetroot has no real serious pests or disease problems
  • However baron deficiency is sometimes seen in the crop
  • Damage: Leaf yellowing and scorching
  • Reduce attack by careful soil preparation and general maintenance of the crop
  • Other pests and diseases include mangold fly, heart rot, black leg and bolting
  • However these are very uncommon

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