How to Grow Brussel Sprouts


  • Sowing Instructions
  • How to Transplant
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest
  • Storage
  • Pests & Diseases

Sowing Instructions

  • Sowing Time: Mid Spring
  • Sowing Location: Outdoors, direct into soil or in seed beds
  • Its best to sow seeds in a seed bed & transplant later to save space on your vegetable plot
  • If sowing directly into rows, sow thinly, roughly 4 seeds every 60cm
  • Soak soil before sowing, cover seeds lightly with soil
  • Require 15°C to germinate

How to Transplant

  • Transplant seedlings into rows once they have developed 4 or 5 true leaves
  • True leaves are leaves which develop after seedling's seed leaves
  • Space plants 60cm apart
  • Plant seedlings with the bottom leaves just above the soil
  • Remember firm planting helps to produce firm, tight Brussel Sprouts
  • Soil: A firm, fertile soil is essential
  • If the soil is poor, it is necessary to dig in manure as early as the previous autumn
  • If the soil is acidic, it is vital that you add lime
  • Apply general fertilizer such as growmore plant food three weeks before planting out
  • Rake in fertilizer to keep bed firm

Crop Maintenance

  • Earth up crop over the Summer months
  • Plants may require supporting as they can get top heavy
  • Keep watered in dry periods


  • Harvest from September onwards
  • Sprouts can be picked off stem when they are firm and at least 1 inch in diameter
  • The bottom sprouts mature first so pick these first
  • Remove any yellow or brown sprouts and discard carefully as you go


  • Sprouts are best used fresh and are ideal for Christmas time
  • However you can freeze your sprouts
  • Simply blanch your sprouts prior to freezing

Pests and Diseases

  • Pests: Caterpillar of the white butterfly and Slugs
  • Damage: Caterpillars can defoliate plants very quickly
  • Important to check plant as often as possible to get rid of any such pests
  • Other pests and diseases to look out for are cabbage root fly, club root, pigeons & aphids

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