How to Grow Lily Bulbs


  • Planting Instructions
  • Soil Preperation
  • Maintaining Lilies

Planting Instructions

  • When to plant: Autumn or Spring
  • Plant lily bulbs to a depth of 3 times the bulbs height
  • Deeper sown bulbs perform better than shallow sown bulbs
  • Produces a better root system and a more stable / anchored plant
  • Plant bulbs with pointed end pointing upwards

Soil Preparation

  • Dig over area where you intend on sowing bulbs
  • Dig to a depth of 30cm (1 foot)
  • Lily bulbs prefer a light, well drained loam soil with good fertility
  • You can add vermiculite to the base of the planted hole to improve drainage
  • You can also use RHS Root Grow Bulb Starter to add nutrients, beneficial fungi & improved drainage
  • Position in full sun, with at least 6 hours of sunlight daily
  • Soil pH: Acidic to neutral
  • Spacing: 10-20cm apart

Maintaining Lilies

  • As lilies can grow quite tall, support them as they grow. Use bamboo canes, plant supports, spirals or flower sticks to support
  • Lilies don't like their roots drying out so its best to mulch up around the base of the plants with bark, old manure or chippings
  • Keep plant's soil moist at all times and feed twice monthly with potassium based fertilizer such as a rose or tomato feed
  • Deadhead faded flowers
  • Divide clumps of lilies every 3 years to encourage good growth and healthy blooms

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