How to Grow Pumpkins


  • Sowing Instructions
  • How to Transplant
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest

Sowing Instructions

  • Sowing Time: Best sown from seed, undercover in mid Spring
  • Sow early as they require several months to reach full grown size
  • Sowing Location: Indoors, thin & then transplant out later
  • Sow in 9cm pots, Sow 3 seeds per pot & later thin to one seed per pot
  • Requires min 20 degrees to germinate - start seedlings on a heated propagator
  • Once germinated, keep under cover & ensure seedlings are in a bright, frost free location
  • Harden off before planting out
  • Sowing Depth: Sow seeds on their sides at a depth of 2cm
  • Using potting compost, soak compost & then sow seeds

How to Transplant

  • Once seedlings are large enough, transplant outdoors
  • Mid May is most suitable
  • Ensure frost has passed and harden off first
  • Keep rows covered until weather has warmed up
  • Plant in prepared soil. Pumpkins need a lot of feed & nutrients to perform well
  • Handle with care when transplanting
  • Space 1m to 1.2m apart
  • Water well
  • Location: Fertile soil, full sun with shelter from winds

Crop Maintenance

  • Feed regularly
  • Train trailing stems to prevent spreading over your garden
  • Pumpkins will grow fast when conditions improve, so feed and water regularly
  • Remove smaller fruits to encourage larger fruits to develop
  • Protect seedlings from slugs

How to Harvest

  • Wait until October before harvesting
  • Place straw under pumpkins to keep from rotting
  • Remove fruits with stalks attached

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