How to Grow Radishes


  • Sowing Instructions (Outdoors)
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest

Sowing Instructions

  • Sowing time: Spring & Summer
  • Stagger sowing times to every 3 or 4 weeks
  • Sow Location: Sow direct in rows
  • Radish prefer a sheltered spot, sun or shade
  • Can be used as filler plants around parsnips or turnips
  • To sow prepare drill 2cm deep
  • Space rows 10cm apart
  • Sow seed 1cm apart, cover with soil & water well
  • Later thin seedlings to 5cm apart

Crop Maintenance

  • Avoid Irregular watering or poor weather as this can lead to bolting
  • Protect early sown crops with a garden cloche
  • Keep the rows weed free and well watered
  • A small scattering of growmore or fish, blood and bone can increase vegetable vigour


  • Check often as radishes are prone to bolting
  • Harvest once roots are 3cm above the soil


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