How to Grow Rosemary


  • Sowing Instructions
  • How to Transplant
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest

Sowing Instructions

  • Sowing time: Mid Spring
  • Sowing location: Sow indoors in 9cm pots
  • Use potting compost & perlite mix
  • Soak well before sowing
  • Sow three seeds per 9cm pot
  • Requires light to germinate so do not cover with soil
  • Germination rates can be low as 40%

How to Transplant

  • Transplant seedlings after approx 8 weeks
  • Transplant directly outdoors
  • Be sure that frost has passed before planting out
  • Young plants will die in the frost
  • Harden off before transplanting to outdoors location
  • Prefers a sunny location
  • Soil: Must be free draining - rosemary can not sit in wet soils
  • Moderate to low fertility is fine

Crop Maintenance

  • Once established Rosemary is a hardy plant
  • To maintain shape & vigour cut back after flowering
  • Cut stems back to approx 1 inch above old wood each year
  • Cut back hard each year to prevent plant from getting leggy
  • For best results grow in a raised bed

How to Harvest

  • Do not harvest plant too early
  • To harvest, remove fresh stalks & use straight away
  • Plant is a perennial & can be harvested over many years



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