How to Grow Spinach


  • Sowing Instructions
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest

Sowing Instructions

  • Sowing Time: Mid Spring & again in late summer
  • Sow little & often for a continuous supply
  • Sow Location: Sow direct as transplanting can lead to bolting
  • To Sow: Prepare drill 2cm deep with rows 20cm apart
  • Sow seeds thinly, roughly 1cm apart
  • Once seedlings emerge, thin to 10cm apart

Crop Maintenance

  • Spinach requires a lot of water
  • They are also hungry plants - feed regularly
  • Warm weather can lead to bolting
  • Feed with nitrogen based feed during season
  • Weed well until established
  • Keep young plants well watered until established
  • Cover crops to protect against pigeons
  • Protect against slugs also


  • Can be harvested when foliage is young
  • Or mature harvesting from 12 weeks after sowing


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