How to Mix & Prepare Bordeaux Mixture (Copper Sulphate)

Copper Sulphate (Bordeaux Mixture) is used to control & prevent Phytophtora or Potato Blight on crops during the summer months

When to Use

  • Before or at first signs of the disease
  • The Potato Blight season generally runs from May to September
  • July to August are the worst months
  • Blight is most common in damp, humid conditions & is spread by wind
  • Listen out for blight warnings on the TV or radio

How to Dilute

  • Dilute in water 35g to 1.5l of water

How to Apply Bordeaux Mixture

  • Detailed instructions included with product
  • Apply mixture using a sprayer such as a small pressure sprayer or knapsack sprayer
  • Apply a small covering to both the top side & underside of the leaves
  • You can add a small drop of washing up liquid to mixture to aid clinging to foliage


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