How to Sow a Bare Root Hedge

When Buying

  • The Bare root season runs from late October to the middle of March
  • You should purchase your bare-root trees & hedging as early as possible
  • This will give you the best choice & healthiest plants
  • Be sure to plant your bare root plant soon after purchase
  • For Beech hedging you will need 3 plants per metre
  • Therefore so 30m long hedgerow you will need 90 plants
  • Sizes of beech range from 1m to 2m in height
  • If you don’t have time to plant straight away you should temporarily ‘heel in’ your plants
  • Assess roots before buying, making sure that there are plenty & they have not dried out

Before Planting

  • Be sure to keep roots covered at all times
  • Never expose roots to sun, wind or frost
  • When planting keep plants in their bags
  • Bare root plants generally come in large white sacks with black inner insides
  • This is to keep roots cool & moist
  • Before planting, soak root balls in water for 20 minutes

Prepare your Trench

  • Dig out a trench 2 ft wide & 1 ½ foot deep
  • Use a string line to ensure trench & hedge is straight
  • Remove all roots & stones from hole
  • Keep soil close by
  • Add farm yard manure. Manure should be well rotten
  • Add 4 inches to base of hole & fork into soil

Using RootGrow Dipping Gel

  • Use Rootgrow to encourage your root developments
  • See our associated products to buy
  • Simply mix gel with water, dip plant's roots in the mix & plant
  • Mycorrhizal Fungi live aid nutrient & water uptake
  • Encouraging better root & plant establishment

Position Plants

  • Remove 2 plants at a time from bag or bucket they are soaking in
  • Space plants 1 foot apart in trench
  • Stagger plants in trench to create a thicker or more dense hedge
  • Position two plants at a time
  • Back fill trench with some soil to ensure plants are held in place
  • Now add the next two plants
  • Again space 1 foot apart & continue to stagger the plants
  • Again back fill & continue


  • Once you have 10 plants positioned go back & back fill soil
  • Use the back of your foot or garden shovel to back fill
  • Half fill trench & press in with feet
  • Again asses level of hedging in soil
  • If too deep you can give each plant a little lift
  • Back fill with remaining soil & press in
  • Again ensure each plant is level with the soil & is straight
  • Rake area level
  • Water hedge in well & ensure it is kept moist for the first year


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