Light Pruning on a Pheasant Bush

The Pheasant Bush is also known as the Himalayan Honeysuckle. This is an attractive plant that can attract birds & flowers in late summer into autumn. As it is a late flowering shrub it should be pruned in late winter or early spring

Why Prune

  • To improve the health, look, productivity of the plant
  • To train & shape the plant
  • Pruning is also done to supply additional energy
  • This leads to more vigorous growth
  • And allows for development of more flowers & fruits

When to Prune

  • Dormant season

When not to Prune

  • Immediately after new growth develops in the late spring
  • Also limit pruning in late summer as new growth may be encouraged on some plants
  • This new growth will be damaged by the winter frost
  • Also avoid pruning before flowering

Light pruning Method

  • Basic maintaining of plant’s health
  • The first steps in all pruning
  • Remove dead, dying, diseased & rubbing or crossing over branches

Next step

  • Stand back & view
  • Removing this material opens the canopy
  • May be sufficient so that no further pruning is necessary

Making the cut

  • Cut close to a bud
  • Choose an outward facing bud
  • Make a clean cut
  • Cut at an angle

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