Rejuvenative Pruning an Old Apple Tree

Old Apple trees can be rejuvenated & reinvigorated with a hard pruning back. This will allow you to reduce the overall size of your fruit tree while encouraging better branching & fruiting.

When to Prune

  • Early Spring, avoid frosty & very cold weather

What to use

  • Loppers, pruning saw & secateurs

How to prune

  • The aim is to create an open canopy for your fruit trees
  • Fruit trees should have their central leader or main stem removed
  • This allows light into the centre of the tree
  • Prune the tree to create a vase or 'V' shaped canopy


  • Remove dead, dying & diseased branches
  • Remove branches that are crossing over or rubbing against each other
  • Remove any inward growing stems
  • Remove central leader if this has not already been done
  • Step back & view tree. If sufficiently small then stop pruning
  • If tree is too large, reduce all stems or branches by 1/3

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