Best Shrubs for Autumn Colour

It is at around this time every year that gardeners go crazy for plants with Autumn colour. The range of fiery reds, bronze, coppers & yellows all combine and contrast so well in the garden that they offer a spectacular display from Mid October onwards.

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Colourful Autumn Shrubs

The process of Autumnal colour is a simple and slow process of leaves dying back in preparation for Winter. The photosynthetic material that is active in the Summer months, chlorolphyll, dies away as it is no longer needed as trees and shrubs head for Winter dormancy. The green chlorophyll gives way to other pigments such as Carotenoids & Flavonoids which give leaves their distinctive red & yellow colours

There are a number of plants that can offer spectacular displays and these include the following.

Viburnum Plicatum
Deciduous shrub is available in most garden centres. Can spread up to 3m wide & high. Foliage turns red in October while creamy white flowers appear in Summer

Euonymus Alatus
The winged spindle (Euonymus Alatus) is a great choice for Autumn colour. The shrub grows from a single stem and it's branches arch outer forming a small tree. Good in small gardens and ideal for a shaded corner

Spirea Roseace
Small deciduous shrub creates a neat rounded shape. Ideal for the front of borders, growing about 1m wide. Pink Flowers appear in Summer

Red Oak
Quercus Rubra is a great specimen tree, so not for small gardens. In time this giant will reach heights of 20 metres. This deciduous tree has green foliage in the Summer month, red in Autumn then looses it's leaves in Winter

The sweetgum as it is known has foliage similar to the Japanese maple. Liquidambar are an upright tree that can be grown in small gardens. Tree reaches a height of about 2.5 metres

This native shrub of Ireland can be seen growing in the wild. This plant offers seasonal interest with red berries in Autumn and a rusty red colour. In summer green foliage and white flowers are on display

Sorbus Joseph Rock
Tall, upright, deciduous tree related to our native mountain ash tree found across Ireland. Joseph Rock's foliage turn a multi colour of reds, browns, orange & yellow in Autumn. Medium sized tree can grow about 5m tall

The Persian Parrotia is an unusual tree with a tiered canopy. Parrotia can grow 9m tall and spreads to similar width, so give this tree a lot of space

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