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Strawberry Planter

Strawberry Planter

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Strawberry Planter - Description

  • Attractive Victorian Style Strawberry Planter
  • Capacity: 32 Strawberry Plants (Max)
  • Volume: 80 Litres
  • Material: Durable Polypropylene Plastic (Long Lasting)
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 60cm / 24 Inches
    • Diameter 40cm / 16 Inches
  • This Strawberry Planter Includes
    • 1 Barrel
    • 1 Base Unit
    • 1 Top Ring
    • 24 Side Pockets
    • 4 Support Wires
    • 1 Watering Tube
    • 1 Bird & Pest Net with Support Dome & Poles
  • Manufacturer: Apollo Gardening
  • Perfect for Enjoying Home Grown Strawberries
  • Ideal for Gardens, Patios or Balconies
  • Can be Planted from Top & Sides Using Side Planting Pockets
  • Netting Provides Protection from Birds
  • Folds Up When Not in Use
  • Colour: Terracotta
  • Flat Packed & Includes Assembly Instructions

Strawberry Planter - Uses

  • Strawberry planter is suitable for balconies, patios or around the garden
  • Holds up to 32 plants
  • Great for growing strawberries in a limited space
  • Can be used to grow herbs, flowers or salad plants
  • Compact, tiered design creates a vertical garden of strawberries, saving space

Strawberry Planter - Advantages

  • Solid & durable designed strawberry planter
  • Vertical gardening maximises use of space in the garden
  • Polypropylene material absorbs sunlight, warming soil within
  • Can grow up to 32 strawberry plants
  • Attractive garden feature can be used to grow flowers or herbs also

Strawberry Planter - How to Use

  • Assemble strawberry planter as per instructions


  • Pour water into central watering chamber to ensure water penetrates to base of barrel
  • Water until the compost is suitably moist


  • Plant in Spring, plant with small plug plants grown from seed
  • Place 1 plant in each of the 24 cups & plant 8 in the top of the barrel
  • Strawberry plants can live for up to 5 years
  • Use multipurpose compost
  • Fill to the height of each side pocket, then plant each pocket & add more compost
  • Continue until you reach the top of the barrel

General Care

  • Feeding with potassium based feed once flowering starts
  • Cover strawberry planter with netting once fruits appear
  • Strawberries grow best & ripen better in a warm greenhouse
  • Keep strawberries well mulched with straw to keep moist and prevent fruits from rotting

Strawberries are a real rewarding plant to grow in the garden. Their fragrance alone is enough to put you in a good mood and there is no better taste than a freshly picked strawberry, right out in the garden.

Growing Strawberries

They grow by producing long runners which extend out from the parent plant and re-root in the ground.  You can grow strawberries directly in the soil, but they are also suited to being grown in hanging baskets or specific strawberry planters.

In the midlands of Ireland they will require protection from early and late frosts so you will need to invest in a fleece or cloche to grow them.

Alternatively, grow them in pots and bring the pots indoors in frosty and cold conditions. If you don't want to be carry planters in and out then you can also grow your strawberries in greenhouses or polytunnels.

There are three types of strawberries to choose from, the early summer fruiting types, the perpetual fruiting types and wild strawberries.

  • Early summer varieties will only fruit for about 3 weeks. Varieties include ‘Pegasus’, ‘Elsanta’ & ‘Alice’.
  • Perpentual varieties or ‘Everberries’ fruit in mid Summer and continue a fruit right until the first frost. ‘Flamenco’ is a good choice.
  • Wild strawberries produce small, sharp tasting fruits and are much more at home in our Irish climate and will grow in shade. However taste wise these do not compare to regular strawberries.

When to Grow Strawberries
Plant out September – November or mid March
You can buy transplants or plug plants of strawberries in early Spring and plant them directly out in the ground in mid March. However best results are achieved when plants are planted in September of the previous year as this gives the plant’s roots a chance to develop. Strawberries are quiet hardy but in severe frost make sure you cover your rows with a fleece.

Where to Grow Strawberries
Sunny location, avoid frost pockets & wind
If you choose to grow your strawberries outdoors in the soil then choose a well sheltered spot, free of frost. In Winter the dormant strawberry plant can survive the cold but as they grow and flower in Spring they become very susceptible to the cold. Plant perpetual verities in March.

How to Plant Strawberries
Fertile, well draining soil. Space 30cm apart & rows 45 cm apart
Prepare soil well before planting, adding well rotted farm yard manure. Ensure all of roots are below soil level but non of the runners are below soil level. Space each plant 30cm (12”) apart and space rows 45cm (18”) apart. Water plants in well.

Care of Strawberries
Keep moist, protect fruits with netting & mulch around base
Strawberries need to be kept moist until they establish a root system. Regular watering is required for the 1st few months after planting.

Keep plants free of weeds, weeding rows every two weeks and mulch up around the base of the plants with either compost, straw or plastic. Using straw is most beneficial as this will keep the fruits up off the ground and help to prevent fruits rotting.

Birds can be a real pest with strawberries, cover your crops using garden netting before fruits develop.

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