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Blueberries are high in antioxidants and are considered one of nature's superfoods. The problem with them is that they are tricky to grow and need fairly specific soil to grow well. Luckily for us here at The Garden Shop, one of the biggest Blueberry farms in Ireland is just a few miles away...

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A friend of mine was up with me yesterday and brought me something I hadn't seen in a while. He was asking me if there as something wrong with his onions because when he pulled them up, the bottoms of the onions were flat. The actual shape of the onion was dome shaped rather that the...

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Continuing on with our series of how to freeze vegetables, this post will deal with the simple task of freezing onions. People often ask me about what you can or can't freeze and are surprised to find out that you can indeed freeze onions and in fact, are one of the easiest vegetables to...

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One of the best & easiest fruit or vegetable to freeze for the winter is the humble pepper. Whether you chose to do this with ones that you have bought in the supermarket, the farmer's market or preferably, ones that you have grown yourself, it's as easy as pie. Why are Peppers so Good...

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The last post dealt with transplanting carrots after thinning the carrot seedlings. What do you do with them if you don't want to eat the now? Well, you could always freeze them and enjoy them later in the year. This blog post will explain the process involved. Carrots are ideal for...

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A topic that gardeners often wonder about is whether or not you can transplant carrots. Usually once carrots begin to grow, depending on if you were a bit heavy handed in sowing the carrot seed, you will probably have to thin the carrot seedings out. This makes room for the adjacent carrots to...

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One of the best things to do with your new potatoes is to make potato wedges from them. An added bonus of this is that you can make extra and freeze them so you can eat them later in the year. The other great thing about making them yourself is that you can make them what ever flavour you like...

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