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Growing Bluebells in Ireland - How to Plant Bluebell Bulbs

Bluebells also known as Hyacinthoides are a beautiful & delicate looking spring flower Bluebell bulbs when fully grown can range in height from 1 to 2 feet and it's blossoms are bell-shaped. The come into full bloom in early to mid spring. They, along with snowdrops are a traditional favourite of Irish children and as delicate as the look, they are really easy to grow.

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Growing conditions for Bluebells

Bluebells grow best in partially shaded areas of your garden. The grow best if able to receive a little morning and afternoon sun. They can be sown under deciduous trees or in your borders but remember that they do not do well when sown with other flowers are they do not like overcrowding by other varieties.

Bluebells - Delicate Spring Flower

Bluebells - Delicate Spring Flower

When to plant Bluebell bulbs

Bluebell bulbs should be planted in later summer or early autumn.

Planting the bluebell bulbs

Dig the planting hole. A bulb planter could be used for this purpose, see the video below. Once the hole is dug, place the bulbs in a mass at the bottom with the flat side down and pointy side up. Depending on the type of bluebell you are planting, be careful when handling as some bluebell bulbs are very delicate, especially the white varieties.

Gently fill the planting hole with the removed soil and pat down. Give the newly planted bulbs a good watering to help the soil settle and to aid good root establishment. You probably won't have to worry about watering the blubs over the autumn and winter the way the Irish weather is.

Once they bloom in spring, they can get a moderate watering but again, it may not be overly necessary in Ireland. You can expect to see you new bluebells from mid to late March onwards until May when it's flowering season ends.

If you would like the plant to reseed itself, remove the faded blossoms. Leave the stems. Make sure to keep the soil moist around the plant until all the foliage dies down and then remove it to ground level.

As mentioned before, they do not like over crowding but if they do end up being so, you can remove them and divide them in later summer but you MUST replant them immediately to avoid the bulb drying out.
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