How to Grow Pak Choi


  • Sowing Instructions
  • How to Transplant
  • Crop Maintenance
  • How to Harvest

Sowing Instructions

  • Sowing Time: Best sown in early or mid summer
  • Can be grown all year
  • Can bolt if sown in spring due to lengthening days
  • Stagger sowing times for continuous crop
  • Sowing Location: Indoors, transplant out later
  • Sow in single cell or open seed trays
  • Using potting compost, soak & sow seeds thinly. Cover lightly with compost
  • Position in a bright location
  • Keep moist

How to Transplant

  • Can be grown in seed tray & harvested directly
  • Alternatively plant out into garden
  • Harden off your seedlings first
  • Space 10cm apart
  • Soil: A fertile soil which is high in nitrogen is best

Crop Maintenance

  • Pak choi has shallow roots therefore water little & regularly
  • Can bolt if too warm - provide some shade to crop
  • Protect from slugs

How to Harvest

  • Can be grown as a cut & come again crop
  • Harvest once foliage is large enough
  • Cut away leaves at base
  • Give plants time to recover
  • Can be harvested again


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