How to Grow Dianthus From Seed


  • Types of Dianthus
  • Sowing Instructions
  • Where to Position
  • Maintaining Your Dianthus

Dianthus flowers cover a broad range of different colours and sizes. Dianthus, often known as Sweet William or Carnations can flower in whites, purples, pinks & more. They can grown into small sub-shrubs or spread as ground cover also. So, when you choose your Dianthus, it is important to note the plants full 'varitey' name.

Types of Dianthus

  • Border Carnations - Final Size: 60cm (24"), Flowers: Large
  • Perpetual Flowering Carnations - Non Hardy, Final Size: 150cm (60"), Repeat Bloomers
  • Old Fashioned Pinks - Final Size: 45cm (18"), Evergreen perennials, Mound forming, Silvery / blue foliage, Mass of colour in Summer
  • Modern Pinks - Final Size: 45cm (18"), Repeat Bloomers - 3 times each Summer
  • Alpine Pinks - Final Size: 10cm (4"), Ground cover perennials

Sowing Instructions

  • Sow seeds in early Spring
  • Germination takes 2 - 3 weeks
  • Can be sown directly outdoors
  • Or can be sown in an unheated greenhouse
  • Avoid sowing in damp soil
  • Space 15cm apart
  • Lightly cover seeds with soil or vermiculite

Where to Position

  • Likes a sunny spot
  • Requires rich & free draining soil
  • Avoid frost pockets & exposed locations
  • Alpine types prefer stony, dry soils

Maintaining Your Dianthus

  • You can propagate your Dianthus in early Spring

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