How to Prepare a Soil Mix for Growing Indoors

If you are going to grow seeds & raise cuttings indoors in Pots & Trays you will need to create a suitable growing medium or potting mix in which your seedling & cuttings will grow. Different vegetables, fruits, cuttings, seedlings & shrubs require different soil conditions.

In this video we will give you a quick guide to how to prepare different growing mediums or soil mixes (potting mixes) for different scenarios.

What is worth noting is that different ingredients & different ratios create different soil conditions in regards to

  • Soil air content
  • Soil drainage
  • Soil moisture retention
  • Soil nutrients
  • Soil pH
  • Soil stability

Having the right soil mix along with suitable pot size, capillary matting, pot loctaion, levels of sunlight & temperature as well as a suitable watering & feeding schedule are all important when growing seedlings.

The mixes

Seeds and seedlings

  • 2 parts peat compost (potting compost)
  • 1 part perlite


  • 1 part peat
  • 1 part sharp sand (or perlite)

Container grown plants

  • 7 parts sterilized loam (Good quality garden soil)
  • 3 parts peat
  • 2 parts sand or grit
  • Fertilizer 93 grams / litre)
  • Lime or chalk (0.5 grams / litre)

Alpine mixes

  • 9 parts coarse sand
  • 5 parts peat
  • 4 parts perlite