How to Sow a New Lawn from Grass Seed


  • Timing
  • Soil
  • Preparation
  • Sowing the Seeds
  • Caring for New Lawn


  • Early Autumn & early Spring
  • Ground preparation sould be done 1 month before sowing
  • Most work must be done in dry conditions


  • At least 15cm inches of top soil is needed
  • Too little tipsoil leads to stress in drought
  • Grass prefer a light, Well drainied soil
  • Clay soil which is heavy & damp = moss + slow Spring growth
  • Sandy soil which is light & dry = clover       

Step 1: Preparation

  • Weed kill the existing vegetation prior to ground preparation
  • Two applications of a non-selective, contact weed killer may be required to kill off all perennial weeds
  • Before sowing the seed it is important to prepare the soil
  • Dig the soil to a depth of 15cm
  • Remove larger stones as you dig and turn the soil
  • Roughly level your soil with a rake and allow to settle for a week if possible
  • Rake to the sides to remove new weeds and smaller stones to create a fine seed bed
  • Firm the soil by treading the site evenly or using a light weight roller
  • Then rake the soil again

Step 2: Sowing the Seeds

  • Choice of seed?
    • Grade 3 is a good choice for lawns with heavy traffic
    • Grade 1 would be for infrequently trafficed manicured lawns
  • Sow April to Mid October on a calm & dry day
  • Sowing rate of 35g (a good hand full) per m2
  • Too little seed means your lawn will be slower to establish or may have weeds
  • Too much seed leaves your lawn prone to disease
  • Scatter seed evenly - first moving left to right and then up and down
  • You could also use a broadcast spreader to do this job
  • Lightly work the soil with rake from left to right and back & forth to bury seeds to roughly 0.5cm depth
  • It is recommended that you water in your seeds if possible

Step 3: Caring for New Lawn

  • The grass should appear after 7-21 days
  • Once it appears make sure to keep the lawn watered using a fine water setting
  • Do not cut the lawn until it reaches a height of 8cm (3")
  • Gradually reduce blade's height until it is reduced to 2.5cm (1")

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