Low Maintenance Border Planting Plan

While there is no such thing as a no maintenance garden, a low maintenance garden can be achieved while still having a beautiful and interesting garden and planting scheme. To reduce maintenance in your garden, you should avoid many flowering herbaceous plants. These require a lot of cutting, feeding, supporting etc during the year which all adds to maintenance in the garden.

To ensure that you still have lots of colour & variety in your garden, you should focus on the foliage of plants & the wide range of colours, textures & leaf shapes that can all combine to create a harmonious planting scheme.

Also, choosing flowering bulbs such as daffodils or tulips is another easy way to add colour to your garden with minimal maintenance.

Low Maintenance Border Planting Plan

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In the scheme above we have chosen the following plants...

  • Buxus Sempervirens (Box Balls) Topiary
  • Hebe Pingufolia
  • Pennisetum Hameln
  • Allium Purple Sensation
  • Red Apeldorn Tulips
  • Black Knight Tulips

The choice of grass & box balls work great together for their contrasting foliage with the Buxus having dense, fine green leaves & the grasses having long, slender silvery blue foliage. The Hebes are always suited to a low maintenance garden because of their neat, compact habit. All these plants are also evergreen giving year round interest. Little maintenance is required. The box should be trimmed once a year and so too the Hebe plant.

To add height & colour, we chose tulips & alliums. The tulips flower first in late Spring & these are followed by alliums in early to mid Summer.

To complete the low maintenance border you can add mulch chippings. The chippings will keep the weeds away & also ensure your beds are moist in Summer & the soil is warmer in Winter & Spring.

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