Wildflower Garden Project (Part 1) - Preparing The Ground

This project is something quick & fun that anyone can do even with limited space in your garden. Over the coming weeks, we are going go step by step through the process of how to create a small wildflower meadow in your garden.

The benefits are of course an increase in bio diversity in your garden. Done on a small scale & this will see an increase in life & activity in your garden. But if we all set aside 10 square metres of our garden, the impact on our environment & bio diversity would be enormous, most importantly by providing pollinators such as bees with a food source.
Preparing ground for wildflower meadow
Considerations When Starting Your Wildflower Meadow

  • Choice of Wildflower Seed
    • Only sow native Irish seed
  • Location of Wildflower Garden
    • Wildflowers grow well in soils with low fertility & prefer a sunny spot. You don’t need to improve soils or add fertiliser
    • There are also seed mixes if you have a shaded garden
  • Most Beneficial Size of Wildflower Meadow
    • To create a habitat for a wider range of insects, your wildflower meadow will need to be at least 5 square metres

Step 1 - Preparing The Ground For Your Wildflower Garden

  • Ground preparation is key to a successful meadow
  • The biggest issue you will face is the development of grass & weeds throughout the area
  • To combat this, it is vital that you remove all grass & weeds & their roots before sowing your seed
  • You can start the in later Summer / for an Autumn sowing or in late Winter / for a Spring sowing
  • Our meadow is approx. 15 square metres & step one took me 2 hours to complete
  • Start by marking out your area using a garden spade, then lift the sod, removing all trace of grass with your spade
  • Try to only remove 2 inches of topsoil with the sod
  • This is step 1 complete
  • Now we wait a fortnight before step 2 (Coming soon...)

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