What Type of Soil do I Have in my Garden


What soil do you have?
There are a number of tests what you can do to determine what type of soil you have. Basic field tests are the most common and they can tell you a lot about your soil. The more time you spend working with different soils the better equipped you will become to identify different soil types.

Texture test:
Take a soil sample, if it is not already wet, wet it. Take to sample and rub it between your fingers and assess the ‘feel’ of the soil.

  • Sandy soils feel "gritty"
  • Silt soils feel soft, silky or "floury"
  • Clay soils feel "sticky" and they are hard to squeeze

Ribbon Test:
Again, take a soil sample in your hand and wet it. Next run the sample against your thumb to create a long ribbon

  • Loam Soil:  Ribbon is less than 1 inch long
  • Clay loam soil:  Ribbon is 1 to 2 inches long
  • Clay soil:  Ribbon is over 2 inches long


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