How to Plant a Bare Root Tree

When Buying

  • The Bare root season runs from late October to the middle of March
  • You should purchase your bare-root trees & hedging as early as possible
  • This will give you the best choice & healthiest plants
  • Be sure to plant your bare root plant soon after purchase
  • If you don’t have time to plant straight away you should temporarily ‘heel in’ your plants
  • Assess roots before buying, making sure that there are plenty & they have not dried out

Before Planting

  • Be sure to keep roots covered at all times
  • Never expose roots to sun, wind or frost
  • When planting, keep plants in their bags
  • Bare root plants generally come in large white sacks with black insides
  • This is to keep roots cool & moist
  • Before planting, soak root balls in water for 20 minutes

Prepare Planting Hole

  • Hole should be 2 foot wide & 1 ½ foot deep
  • Remove all roots & stones from hole
  • Keep soil close by
  • Add farm yard manure. Manure should be well rotted
  • Add 4 inches to base of hole & fork into soil

Position Tree

  • Remove tree from bag
  • Place in the tree in the planting hole
  • Next position your stake. Ensure the stake is positioned to the windward side of the tree
  • Next position the tree
  • Tree should be 10cm from stake
  • Top of tree’s roots should be level with existing garden soil
  • Ensure best side of the tree is facing out


  • Back fill the planting hole with soil
  • Half fill hole & press in with feet
  • Again asses level of tree in soil
  • If too deep you can give the tree a light lift
  • Back fill with remaining soil & press in
  • Assess tree is level with soil & that the tree is straight
  • Rake area level
  • Water in well & ensure plant is kept moist for the first year
  • Finally add tree tie to stake & tree


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