How to Control Weeds on Your Lawn


  • What weeds grow on your lawn
  • Non chemical options
  • Chemical options
  • How to use chemical weed killer on lawns
  • How much weed killer will You need

What Weeds Grow on Your Lawn

Every lawn can throw up it's own set of problems. There are a variety of weeds that can grow and thrive amongst your low cut lawn. The types of weeds that are commonly found in lawns are those which are suited to growing low and not averse to being cut down to ground level every two weeks.

Lawn Weed Control

Here is a list of common lawn weeds

  • Creeping buttercup
  • Plantain
  • Dandelions
  • Thistle
  • Daisies
  • Clover
  • Chickweed

Non Chemical Options

  • If you prefer to go the organic route and do not wish to apply chemicals to your lawn there are a number of things that you can do
  • Mow your grass!!! With regular cutting of grass every 10 days or so, you are likely to reduce weed growth and speed up grass growth
  • Using a dandelion weeder such as The Grampa's Weeder. These nifty weeders are designed to allow you pull weeds without having to bend your back
  • Soil Preparation: Before seeding your lawn you should ensure all existing weeds have been killed off prior to sowing seed. This can be done with a flame weeder if you are going organic

Chemical Options

  • Dicophar is the number one lawn weed killer. Killing a host of broadleaf weeds but not killing your grass. It is the most effective weed killer p er € spent 
  • Hytrol is another good choice for killing weeds on lawns

How to Use Chemical Weed Killer on Lawns

What to consider before applying weed killer to your lawns

  • Ensure you have about 12 hours of dry weather forecast
  • Avoid applying in windy conditions
  • Mark out the lawn into 1m wide sections
  • Apply weed killer to lawns using a knapsack sprayer
  • Walk at approx 1m per second applying diluted spray at full pressure
  • Swing the lance back & forth ensuring it is not raised more than 15cm off the ground

How Much Would You Need

Assuming you are using Dicophar lawn weed killer

  • Measure the area to treat
  • 1L of Dicophar wll treat 1000m2
  • Mix 1L with 100 Litres of water and apply to lawns using a knapsack sprayer
  • You may need to re-apply a second or third time in the same year